Long Lasting Blooms for Hospital Deliveries

Having a loved one in the hospital can be difficult. Choosing the right floral arrangement should not be. Selecting a low maintenance, long lasting arrangement will boost a patient’s spirit. Follow this simple guide to ensure your bouquet is enjoyed for more than a few days.There is nothing more disappointing then sending a beautiful arrangement of flowers only to see them drooping the very next day.

That is why it’s important to use a florist with the reputation that Floral Studio has.

We provide only the freshest blooms, promised to last. You will never receive an arrangement with wilted petals or brown leaves, which are indicators that the flower is past its prime. Ordering a delivery from your New York City Florist will guarantee fresh cut blooms delivered on the same day. To further extend the lifetime of your gifted arrangement, choose blooms that naturally last long. All varieties of mums will last a long time and are quite versatile.

Available in many shapes, sizes and colors, mums are a great choice in cut arrangements or as a potted plant that your loved one can transport home. Mums can last up to 20 days in a vase while looking just as fresh as the first day. Carnations and roses are also stunning, everlasting choices.A delicate yet hearty choice is the Alstroemeria. Also available in a variety of colors, the flowing blooms are accented with long luscious green foliage.

These flowers are particularly hearty after cutting and can last weeks in an arrangement.

Floral Studio also has a variety of potted plants. Orchids are a wonderful choice as their blooms last, come in many colors and are stunning in their simplicity. Evergreens, amaryllis and poinsettias are a great choice this time of year that requires little maintenance while incorporating subtle color into a hospital room. A small blast of purple or pink from an African violet may be the perfect touch on a side table or window ledge.Whatever your choice, it’s important to know that cut flowers will last longer if the water is changed regularly and are not set on top of a heater.

Having a nurse switch the water out every few days will help to keep the flowers fresh and long lasting.

Floral Studio delivers to NYC Hospitals such as NYU Medical Center, Bellevue Hospital, and many more. Rest assured that a delivery from Floral Studio will contain only the freshest, most beautiful blooms for your bouquet.

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