Is Social Media Giving You Seed Envy?

Have you heard of the Instagrammed Garden? Huffing Post blogger Carol Hartsell is sharing her experiences with urban gardening with the whole world, one photo at a time. You might notice that she’s not alone. At this time of year, Facebook is flowering with photos of, well, flowers, planted in pristine yards by your friends.  Twitter’s been taking over by garden advice, delivered 140 characters at a time. And Pinterest is covered with pictures of plants!

It’s enough to make any want to create an NYC urban garden of their own!How can you get in on all the garden action?

More importantly, how can you create a NYC urban garden that looks great without a ton of back-breaking work? Still more important, is it possible to have a great NYC urban garden to show off even if you’ve got no gardening skills whatsoever and a limited budget? Want to know a secret that makes answering all these questions easy? Enter the NYC urban garden designer. Great urban gardens don’t just happen. They’re composed, by someone who has expert level knowledge of local growing conditions – which, in this concrete jungle we call home, tend to be harsh -  plants and their maintenance requirements, and what it takes to create a beautiful, refreshing green space in your home.

Yes, you can do all of this stuff yourself. But it’s going to take a lot of work to pull it off, and you’ll need time to master the learning curve that comes with developing a green thumb.

By the time you do all of that – if you have the time and energy to do all of that! – your Facebook friends will have moved on to posting pics of their perfectly decorated Christmas trees, and you’ll have missed the chance to ride the show-off boat.So keep it simple, and keep it real. Call in an NYC urban garden designer to help you with the tough parts.

Explain what you want, and they’ll help you get set up with a green space you’ll enjoy, that won’t require more maintenance than you’re willing to do. Who knows? You might discover that you like puttering in the garden. Experience builds enthusiasm, and enthusiasm results in a one-of-a-kind NYC urban garden that gives you real joy, on and off of social media.

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