Need a Last Minute Gift? We Have Great Gourmet Gift Baskets

Listen, it happens. We understand. Your life is very busy. Sometimes you forget you even have an Aunt Myrtle, much less that you drew her name in the family gift exchange. There’s no feeling like the adrenaline-hit of pure panic when you discover that you need a fabulous gift after work – and that the boss is not the least bit inclined to let you escape to do some last-minute shopping.

Here’s the solution to that “OMG I forgot!” problem: Floral Studio Gourmet Gift Baskets. We hand-craft our Gourmet Gift Baskets, individually selecting and placing the highest quality fruit, wines, chocolates, NYC fresh cut flowers and other gourmet goodies into attractive, impressive presents your Aunt Myrtle (or anyone else who happened to slip your mind!) is sure to love.

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We’ll put the basket together while you’re at work and have it ready for you to pick up on your way to the party. Or we can even deliver NYC fresh cut flowers or the gourmet gift basket for you – great to show some holiday appreciation to a client or business colleague, impress the in-laws, or make the day of a best bud who could really use some holiday cheer this year. No one has to know you didn’t even have this idea until 5 minutes ago – we’re certainly not going to tell them – and you’ll look like the super-organized, uber-thoughtful holiday rock star that shows Santa how it is done.

Wine & Fruit Basket The only thing you have to do is tell us red or white – we’ll find the right wine, pair it with the most amazing looking, ripest fruit available in the market, and dress it all up with some modern-chic blossoms and NYC fresh cut flowers that are so pretty they’re practically a gift all by themselves.

Champagne Basket Want to make sure Aunt Myrtle leaves you plenty in her will? Get on her good side with this over-the-top celebration of Champagne, the finest of all fine wines. We throw in some decadent gourmet chocolates and festive pinecones to keep on the holiday theme. We can also create this gift basket in a smaller size – every gift basket is fully customizable so you look like a holiday star! Gourmet gift baskets are designed to be an awesome gift. Same day delivery is available throughout New York City, including NYC corporate flowers to Wall Street.

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