Wall Street Flowers: Stress Awareness

April is Stress Awareness Month. There’s no place in New York City more aware of stress than Wall Street, where every day brings challenges and opportunities, delivered at breakneck speed. If you’re trying to keep your team of financial professionals functioning at their very best, now is the time to take action to help them mitigate the effects of chronic stress.One simple and effective way to lower the stress levels in your office is to have fresh Wall Street flowers delivered.

The bright colors, pleasing scent, and organic presence of a fresh flower arrangement provides a much needed visual break in a focused space. Fresh flower arrangements embody optimism and energy: two traits highly valued in a high-stress environment.

Check out Thrill for example. This dynamic combination of green Hydrangea, orange Roses, spring-essential blue Hyacinths and exotic Orchids is striking and energizing. One of our best sellers, Thrill is an arrangement of Wall Street flowers particularly favored by men. Another great choice? Pink Sunshine radiates optimism and positive thinking. Eye popping hot pink South American roses are paired with vibrant lime green Cymbidium orchids, in a sleek and modern presentation that creates the perfect arrangement of Wall Street flowers for the results-oriented environment.

Finally, you don’t want to miss Timeless. Ideal for tight spaces, these Wall Street flowers deliver a powerful visual punch. Fragrant blue Hyacinths are paired with green Hydrangeas and lush pink roses. Vibrant, long-lasting green foliage supports and surrounds the hand-selected blooms, which are individually chosen to be at their most beautiful.

Adding fresh Wall Street flowers to your workspace is a simple and easy way to lower ambient stress levels. We offer delivery of fresh flower arrangements to Wall Street and throughout NYC. Custom arrangements are always available – let us turn your vision into a beautiful reality. Our Wall Street flowers are budget-friendly, long-lasting, and make a positive impression on customers and colleagues alike. Same day service is available!

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