NYC Wedding Flowers: Do You Want A Big Bouquet?

If you’re planning a 2014 wedding, chances are you’ve already caught on to some of this year’s biggest floral trends for NYC wedding flowers: pink is the color everybody’s after, and the extravagantly beautiful peony is starring in the most fashionable wedding centerpieces and tabletop arrangements.

But what about the bouquet? Now, more than ever, personalization is the key, according to industry experts. Brides are choosing NYC wedding flowers for bouquets of all sizes, in order to express their personality and capture their vision of their dream wedding day. The wedding bouquet is such an iconic part of the ceremony that it’s not surprising people have such strong feelings about it. “When I was a little girl, my Mom loved Princess Diana. I mean she was her biggest fan. We had a video of her wedding and we’d watch it every few months,”

Tiffani said. “Now that I’m getting married, obviously it’s not going to be like that! Over the years I fell in love with the idea of the big, full, exuberant bouquet that just cascades down in front of me.” “Not for me,” Stephanie laughed. “I want things simple, modern, and very designed. I love the mini-bouquet look: just enough flowers to have something to hold onto without overwhelming my dress. When you go small, I think you can have bolder colors in your bouquet, and I just love the look of bright red roses – so romantic!”

Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary look – or you have an idea that’s all your own – your NYC wedding floral designer can make it happen. Combining the very best blossoms and NYC fresh cut flowers, hand selected to be at the peak of their beauty and freshness on the day of your ceremony, all of our bouquets are crafted by master floral designers who have years of experience and a superior aesthetic eye.  Let us know what you’re looking for. We’d love to be the NYC florist for your special day!

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