Where to Find Floral Inspiration

Flowers play an important role in our society. Whether they are used to represent a kind or romantic gesture, or simply to create an inviting environment, flowers are a symbol of vibrant vitality.  But before you run to your florist and use aesthetic appeal and fragrance to sway your purchasing decisions, do some research! Some plants and flowers work better in different environments, so it is important to make sure that you are picking the perfect plants to meet your needs! Finding floral inspiration can come from a variety of places. While your florist will be talented enough to make some great suggestions, it always helps to come in with pictures and ideas to help your florist in the right direction.

Urban Gardens

Living in a city? Tall buildings can often act as a barrier for natural light. Consider plants that thrive in the shade with limited sun exposure. If you have a patio or bright window, you can utilize that space for the plants that need a little extra vitamin D. Inspiration Tip: Look around you! Which plants are alive and well? Which ones look like they’ve seen better days? Observing your environment can give you the best insight into which plants or flowers work better than others. Researching floral trends can also help keep your choices current and up-to-date.

Wedding Flowers

From adorning the cake to completing the bride’s aisle ensemble, flowers are often a traditional component of any wedding. Fortunately, because a wedding takes place during the course of a single day, this opens up the options for which flowers you can select. Longevity doesn’t necessarily have to be a defining factor. Inspiration Tip: Wedding colors are often seasonally appropriate- so your flowers should be too! Whether you are playing with spring pastels or bold fall warmth, consider flowers that fall within the domain of the season. As an added bonus, seasonal flowers are usually most fresh and least expensive.


Whether you are bringing flowers as a house-warming gift or sending them in hopes of a second date, flowers often say the words we can’t seem to find. People rarely receive them with anything less than a smile. So if you’re looking to send joy someone’s way, flowers are your best bet.  Inspiration Tip: Consider the receiver! Is this person vibrant and energetic or slightly more reserved? Giving flowers that are custom designed to match your intention and the recipient’s personality will be best received. With a few key descriptors, your florist will be able to craft the perfect bouquet.

Mood Enhancing

Life comes with ups and downs – that’s no secret. But making the down’s a little more colorful sure does help! People often send flowers to those going through a tough time as a thoughtful pick-me-up. Inspiration Tip: Of course, consider the recipient. If they have a favorite flower, or favorite color, going that route will always be best. If you don’t know the favorites, always go with bright. Colors that evoke a sense of happiness are perfect for those going through a tough time. Adding a bright spot (literally) into someone’s space can make all the difference.

One Last Thought

So whether you are planning flowers for your NYC wedding, sending a bouquet to someone in the hospital, or just trying to add some life to your city-livin’ high-rise, make sure to find inspiration that is appropriate for the situation, area, and season. We’ve pinned some of our favorites on our Pinterest boards- why not start your inspiration search there?

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