Spring Wedding Flower Trends to Watch For

Bountiful bouquets full of romance are topping the trend list for 2021 spring weddings. Hydrangea, tulip, and roses are taking the starring role in bridal bouquets, as well as in pew topper arrangements, center pieces, and even worn in bridesmaids’ hair.

Want a Little Country Charm on Your Wedding Day?

Natural, whimsical floral elements are a huge bridal trend right now. Look for a soft, pastel color scheme dominated by purples, pinks, and soft white blossoms. Key flowers to look for: lilacs and sweet peas. Delicate blossoms sometimes need additional support from filler stock or robust greenery. Talk to your wedding flower designer about the visual impression you’d like to make: some brides prefer a rounder bouquet which is carried closer to the body, while others like a lower, cascading style bouquet.

Sleek, Contemporary, Modern: Bridal Bouquets That Pop

Brides with a bold, streamlined style are turning to the modern classics to structure their bridal bouquets. Look for taller, narrow bouquets with strong visual lines. Calla lilies, tulips, and roses all shine in dramatic bridal design. Color choices tend to extremes – think pure, pure white or intensely rich reds; lots of great looks in yellows and apricot shades.

Transcending Trends: Peony & Rose

Lush, lavish peony blossoms can star in multiple styles of bridal bouquets. Bridal Guide calls the peony the perfect blend of softness and texture and we’d have to agree. Available in soft whites, yellows, pale pink and peach as well as more vibrant colors, peony is a very versatile flower.Roses are classic romance. Play with blossom size in your design to be fashion-forward with your wedding flowers: bouquets combining full sized roses with miniature versions in the same color are a lovely trend. Multi-colored roses also enjoying a surge in popularity, especially in minimalist bridal bouquets where every blossom needs to deliver a lot of visual punch.

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