The Blossoming Halls of Manhattan

Did you know that the tradition of adorning apartment building lobbies with fresh flowers in Manhattan has roots that intertwine with the very essence of New York’s culture of elegance and hospitality? This practice, which began in the early 20th century, was inspired by European luxury hotels and estates, aiming to bring a touch of opulence and a warm welcome to the urban dwellings of New York. Today, it continues to thrive, transforming the simple act of coming home into a refreshing sensory experience.

Among the standout buildings known for their stunning floral displays is the historic buildings e.g. The Plaza Hotel, where the lobby greets you not just with its rich history but with lush, seasonal arrangements that reflect the building's grandeur and the city’s dynamic spirit.

This spring in Manhattan has been a dance of sun and rain, creating the perfect backdrop for our city's floral traditions to shine. The unexpected weather patterns make each display unique, as florists select blooms that can both brighten a rainy day and withstand the occasional gust of wind.

As you pass by or visit some majestic lobbies, take a moment to appreciate the thoughtful artistry that goes into each arrangement. It's a testament to New York's enduring charm and its ability to find beauty in everyday spaces.

Next time you're on the Upper East or West Side, why not take a little detour through some of historic open to public buildings? Witnessing this living tradition could spark some inspiration for your own space. Interested in bringing this elegant tradition to your building? Contact our Floral Studio to easily arrange regular deliveries that will transform your lobby into a welcoming masterpiece.

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