5 Simple Secrets for Totally Rocking Your Wedding Flowers

Sweeten your wedding ceremony with light, fragrant touches that echo your general floral scheme. You may not even be aware of the simple secrets that can put the “art” back into the party.

1. Decorate the Members of Your Wedding Party

Garnish the flower girl with a flower crown and the ring bearer and groomsmen with boutonnières, with pieces stemming from your overall wedding design. Flowers can be a great way to tie together the entire visual concept of your nuptials. Decorative floral pieces also assert those who shouldn’t be lost in the background, especially with accented ribbons.

2. Put Cream or White in Your Bridal Bouquet

Mimic the feel of deep and exotic foliage by varying colors, and, to make the flowers really pop, adding a muted tone. White can put space between your floral cluster, which accentuates shape and draws in bystanders’ eyes with a romantic and dramatic touch.

3. Keep Centerpieces Simple

No one wants to dodge conversation around an overbearing tree that’s been planted in the middle of the table. Centerpieces should only enhance the ambiance in a way that’s an added bonus rather than being attention-hungry. The right florist will know how to tackle this task. Brides are now selecting centerpieces from florists’ designer collections, because the right florist has already perfected the art!

4. Consider Alternative Ideas

Don’t be afraid to have your wedding flowers reflect your personality. Different or creative ideas such as black flowers or button bouquets fit nicely with certain personalities. Don’t just pick what’s trending in the latest bridal magazine, instead, because this is your day, have your flowers reflect you!

5. Have Guests Throw Petals For the Send-Off

Make tiny paper baskets and use fallen petals to reuse and give to guests. This is a great photo opportunity and adds to the celebration of the “husband and wife” announcement – also more visually appealing than rice.The secrets are simple, but they don’t end here! Find us on Instagram for even more!

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