Why Grow A Garden In NYC? Because The Food Tastes Great

There are a number of reasons why NYC residents choose to add NYC urban gardens to their homes. A beautiful green space can serve as a restful retreat, much needed after a hectic day at work.

Your urban garden designer in NYC can provide you with a vista full of vibrant, fragrant flowers to delight the eye and soothe the soul. And for an increasing number of urban gardeners, the number one reason to transform the patio, balcony, or rooftop into an NYC urban garden is simple: they want fresh food that tastes great. You don’t need a lot of room to create an urban garden in NYC that provides great tastes and saves you money on your grocery bill! One great example: the urban herb garden.

Any chef will tell you that fresh herbs are one of the essential ingredients in their kitchen. Rosemary, tarragon, chives, oregano, and other popular herbs work exceptionally well in the urban garden. Talk to your NYC urban garden designer to create an herb garden that focuses on your personal style and taste preferences. An amazing range of herbs will grow in our climate, including many favorites of Asian and Hispanic cuisine.

One of the great myths of urban gardening is that you spend far more growing your fresh fruits and vegetables than it would ever cost to get these same items at the market. Well, we don’t know where these myth-makers do their shopping, but it’s surely not in Manhattan.

Fresh herbs can command prices that will make you think they’re crafted out of solid gold! However, when you have an NYC urban garden, you can enjoy a lush, abundant crop of fresh basil, bright cilantro, peppery watercress, and other taste delights whenever you’d like. Many herbs are perennial, which means they’ll keep coming back, season after season.Additionally, if you’re worried about your gardening skills, you should know that many herbs are, once established, very easy to grow and care for.  

Your NYC urban garden designer can make the process simple and easy. If you’ve never had an NYC urban garden, a herb garden is a great place to start!

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