Why Sending Flowers to People In The Hospital Makes Sense

Here’s the situation: someone you care about – maybe a friend, maybe a relative, maybe a co-worker – is in the hospital. They’ve injured themselves, they’ve gotten sick: it doesn’t matter.

They’re in NYU Hospital or Bellvue or any other NYC hospital, and you want to make them feel better. What do you do?Sending NYC fresh cut flower arrangements to your friends in the hospital makes sense. Here’s why:

Flowers don’t interact with any medications or treatment protocols: Your friend in the hospital might totally love chocolate – but eating some right now could potentially interfere with the medications or therapies they’re undergoing to get better. The same is true for a surprising number of foods.

Flowers reduce the need for pain medication: The American Society for Horticultural Science has found that having fresh flowers or potted plants in the hospital room significantly reduces how often the patient requests pain medication. While the presence of a NYC fresh cut flower arrangement doesn’t completely alleviate all pain, of course, it’s clear that their presence has a meaningful therapeutic effect. When you send your friend flowers, you are helping them feel better.

Fresh Flower Arrangements lower the blood pressure: In the same study, another positive effect of having fresh flowers in the hospital room was identified.

Lower blood pressure is an almost universally desirable condition for people recovering from injury or fighting illness. Having plants and NYC fresh cut flower arrangements nearby helps create a cheerful sense of calm that can lower blood pressure.

Sending Flowers to NYC Hospitals is Simple & Easy with Floral StudioIf you want your friend in the hospital to feel better, send them flowers. At Floral Studio, we make the process super simple.

Check out the great selection of NYC fresh cut flowers in our Boutique Collection.

These cheerful creations are sure to make your loved one’s day! Or if you prefer, our team of talented floral designers can custom craft an arrangement for you using your friend’s favorite colors, flowers or theme.We deliver fresh cut flowers to NYU Hospital, Bellvue, and all other NYC hospitals.

Same day service is available. Our arrangements are beautiful, distinct, and long-lasting.

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