NYC Urban Gardener: Bring Your Tender Plants Indoors

Okay, NYC urban gardeners, this is your for-real final warning. Cold weather is headed our way fast, and the time to bring your tender plants indoors is now. Additionally, you’re going to want to take steps to help your hardier, perennial plants survive the harsh winter months.Not sure what needs to be done to put your urban garden to bed for the winter?

The easiest way to handle that problem is to call your NYC urban garden and landscape designer. They’ll know what plants they’ve installed, and they’ll be able to advise you what you need to do to keep your garden happy and healthy. (Of course, you can make things really easy for yourself and have your NYC urban gardener handle the whole job– a great option if you’d rather spend your weekend doing some early holiday shopping rather than working in the great – but cold! – outdoors!) Don’t have a NYC urban garden designer?

Then you’ll want to follow these rules of thumb about which plants need to come indoors, which ones need protection to survive the winter in place, and which ones you might as well say goodbye to now.Bring These Plants Indoors:  Potted plants, especially any exotics, tropical, ferns, and cacti need to be brought indoors. If your landscape garden includes potted specimen trees, you’ll want to bring those in: research the growing conditions they’ll need to thrive. Also, make sure you have a handcart or dolly available: potted specimen trees are hardy.

These Plants Winter in Place: If you have evergreens or shrubs that are planted directly in the ground, you’ll want to take steps to help them winter in place. Sheltering shrubberies and small trees from snow drifts is one essential step; wrap tender greenery in burlap to keep the winter winds from causing too much harm. As always, your NYC urban garden designer is an indispensable source of information about maintaining beautiful green spaces in Manhattan.

Get Ready to Say Goodbye: The colorful annual flowers which add so much cheer to the NYC urban garden just aren’t going to make it through the winter months. These fleeting beauties were never meant to last. Enjoy their color while it’s here, and say goodbye when cold weather arrives.If you need assistance with your NYC urban garden, give the experts a call!

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