Bring Your Corporate Personality to Life with Flowers!

Each business and brand has a certain personality and ethos they want their customers to perceive. Their online shops, brick-and-mortar stores, corporate headquarters and social media presences all strive to make their mission clear.

One of the ways you can represent the personality of your business is through the color and variety floral arrangements can provide.

A fresh beautiful floral arrangement is always an excellent greeting to the new or returning patron and creates a valuable, positive first impression, but beyond this, the flowers and greenery can say so much more! For instance, if you want to provide a sense of fun and gaiety at the workplace, brilliant colors in a variety of floral shapes will provide botanical fireworks. Consider our Delight or Thrill arrangements in brilliant pinks, oranges yellows, and purples. These happy and energetic displays will enliven their surroundings and the people who enter the scene.If you prefer a more professional and austere presence, elegantly vertical designs consisting of one sort of flower create a symbol of strength and power, while the minimalist palette denotes elegance. Our Retro New York and Wonder arrangements are perfect for creating a professional and yet stunning atmosphere.

Colors such as yellow, ivory and lavender are excellent choices for a calm and soothing environment, softly horizontal bouquets creating a spa-like atmosphere.

Floral Studio’s Enchant, Desire, and Magic arrangements all create a lovely aura of peace and tranquility.Your choice of flowers, shape, color, scent and size are all elements pertinent to symbolizing your unique corporate personality. Experiment with our NYC fresh cut flowers and see how they can enhance and perfectly represent your business!

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