The Recuperative Benefits of Flowers

The Recuperative Benefits of FlowersFlowers provide us with enjoyment, visual pleasures, and the vibrant reminder of life in full exuberance. Thus we often think first of sending a floral arrangement when a loved one is staying in a healthcare environment.When a friend or relative is unwell or recovering, their recuperation is your priority. Visitors may not be allowed, or perhaps the person is unconscious or resting.

Sending flowers is a simple and effective way to say, “I love you,” and “Get well,” while also cheering up the surrounding dour hospital environment. The flowers are a lasting message that you’re there for them, a reminder of your support even when you can’t be there. It provides the patient with the affirmation that people are thinking of them and wishing them well.

The psychological benefits of flowers are powerful, and all these positive emotional elements can have an effect on the speed of a person’s recovery. Feeling loved, feeling that one has a support network in place, these are things you cannot purchase for someone directly. But with a simple bouquet of flowers, you can provide a lasting symbol of your care.

When you want to send flowers or a special gift to a recovering friend or loved one, be sure to contact the hospital beforehand to learn about their policies. Some healthcare environments, like ICUs, have restrictions that do not allow gift deliveries. We deliver to many of the major metro hospitals, including Bellevue, NYU Medical Center, Beth Israel Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Hospital for Special Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital, and St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. Please contact us to schedule your NYC hospital floral delivery.

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