Send flowers to your employees in NYC

Remote working had a big moment when COVID-19 forced companies all over the world to send their employees home. For many employers, it came a bit suddenly to give employees the freedom they need to work from home, but once everyone settled in, many office teams quickly realized that employees are productive and focused when they are no longer in the office.

Everywhere employers are beginning to understand that remote work really works and part-time from home can save you about $4,000 a year.  

By allowing their employees to continue working from home at Twitter, Square, Shopify, and Facebook, to name a few, more companies can make significant long-term cost savings. These savings not only benefit workers but add up and put more money in their pockets. You can reduce or offset expenses such as buying lunch, food, transportation, travel, health insurance and more.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, a typical company can save about $11,000 a year if employees work at least partially from home. According to a recent study by the National Labor Relations Board, US employers save more than $30 billion a day by allowing their employees to work from home.

The major economic benefits of remote work will continue as more companies make it a long-term solution, according to a recent report from the US Chamber of Commerce.

Virtual teambuilding has the potential to make remote teams feel as close as possible. This is especially true if you use goals, vision and enthusiasm to plan your team's future remotely, not only for the short-term but also for long-term success. An important part of team building is acknowledging life event of your team members with a physical experience - like a giftbox or a custom flower arrangement hand-delivered (safe contactless delivery, of course) to your colleagues.

Send flowers to your employees in NYC with Floral Studio NYC.

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Send flowers to your employees in NYC

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