The Secret to Finding The Best Quality, Longest-Lasting Flowers to Send to NYU or Bellvue Hospital

"My brother has a chronic health condition that means he spends a lot of time in the hospital,” Miriam said. “And of course, I want to send him flowers. They cheer up the room, they make him smile, it’s all good.

But here’s the thing: NYC fresh flower arrangements aren’t exactly cheap. When I’m spending $100, I want to know that the flowers are going to look great the entire time my brother’s in the hospital. There are times he’s in there for a week at a time!” She shook her head. “If the petals start dropping after the first day, what, exactly, is the point?”

Long-Lasting Fresh Flower Arrangements Delivered To Bellvue & NYU Hospitals

If you want the best quality, longest lasting NYC fresh cut flower arrangements, you want to choose a florist whose shop is clean and cold. That’s according to the American Floral Endowment, the floral industry think-tank, which points out that a sanitary environment stops harmful microbe contamination. Microbes can cause flowers to droop, wilt, and lose petals much faster than they ordinarily would.Another tip to extend the lifespan of fresh flower arrangements you have delivered to your family and friends who are in NYU or Bellvue Hospital include making sure to use the flower food that your NYC corporate florist will include with the delivery.

Flower food, when used properly, will significantly extend the life of your fresh flower arrangement. This is because flower food stops harmful microbe development, while simultaneously encouraging the flowers to take in more water – key to lush, vibrant, beautiful blooms!

Same Day Delivery of Fresh Flower Arrangements to NYU, Bellvue & NYC Hospitals

The best thing you can do when choosing a NYC fresh flower arrangement is to see the shop where your florist creates the arrangements. You want to find clean, sanitary conditions. We encourage you to come into our shop, located at 10 Waterside Plaza, and see for yourself anytime!We put special care into every nyc fresh flower arrangement that’s going to someone’s hospital room, because we know what a powerful impact flowers can have on the healing process.

Same day NYC fresh cut flower delivery is available to NYU and Bellvue Hospital and all Manhattan hospitals. You can order with confidence that our NYC fresh flower arrangements will add color, cheer, and beauty to your friend or loved one’s hospital room for a long time!

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