Give the Gift of Urban Gardens

Have you ever had to come up with a holiday gift for the person who has everything? It can be a real challenge.  

One option you may want to consider – and that we’ve found to be very welcomed by residents of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queen and the Bronx – is to give the gift of nyc urban gardening.Almost every NYC residence has space for an urban garden.

There are many options: rooftop gardens are perhaps the most well known, but lovely green oasis can be designed and installed on terraces, balconies, patios and entranceways.  Many people love the idea of having a green, welcoming space in their home, but don’t have the time, inclination or skill to create one for themselves. That’s what makes a nyc urban garden a great gift.When you give the gift of a NYC urban garden, we’ll work closely with your recipient to create a lovely, thriving green space in their home.

They’ll be able to be as hands-on or off as they’d like to be in the process; it’s entirely their call. We’ll use their preferences and aesthetic to create a design for their available space, incorporating plantings and garden elements selected to flourish in that setting.  

Once the recipient approves the design, our team will install the garden. It’s a beautiful gift that will make your recipient smile every time they look at it.Over the years, we’ve installed several urban gardens as gifts.

Adult children have presented their parents with urban gardens as a holiday surprise; a group of building residents came together to gift the entire building with a playful rooftop garden for all of the children to enjoy.  Our team of talented landscape designers and NYC florist can work with any space and any budget.

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