How To Have the Best Looking Corporate Headquarters on Wall Street This Holiday Season

Decorating the corporate headquarters, regional office, or Wall Street workplace for the holidays doesn’t have to be a major production. Simply call the Floral Studios. Our team of talented floral nyc designers creates and installs custom holiday décor that will make your offices come alive with cheer.

Festive Front Doors & Entranceways. Create a great impression on clients, customers and colleagues right from the get go. The Floral Studios team will install custom handcrafted holiday wreathes, festive swags of greenery and other cheerful fresh nyc corporate flower arrangements on your front door or entranceway. Building lobby decoration is our specialty! All arrangements are created by our expert designers using individually selected blossoms and floral elements to be at the peak of their beauty throughout the holiday season.

Christmas Trees Installed & Decorated For You. Ideal for parties, flowers for nyc corporate events, or lobby display, fresh Christmas trees are the iconic symbol of the winter holidays. Have all of the festivity without any fuss. Our team will install and decorate the tree for you. Want the tree gone once the holidays are over? No problem! Give us a call, and we’ll take care of it for you!

Corporate Gifts & Employee Acknowledgements. Gift giving is a central theme of the holiday season. Floral Studios offers a stunning array of gourmet gift baskets that make exceptional corporate presents. A particular favorite this year is the Green Euro Tree. People love this desk-sized evergreen tree, which arrives nestled in a handmade planter, draped with shimmery silver elements.  

Distinctive Fruit Baskets are always welcome, and make a great budget-friendly corporate gift. Upgrade to the Wine and Fruit Basket when you want to make a stunning impression on your best clients.  Same day nyc fresh flower delivery is available, to Wall Street and throughout New York City.

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