The Urban Zen Garden

An Urban Zen Garden is made through the creative positioning of stones, the raking of sand and gravel, the flow of water, and the strategic placement of plants, all to create a meditative space. Constantly changing and evolving, an urban Zen Garden is a fantastic choice for the person who wants a personal environment dedicated to contemplation and serenity. The mental and physical benefits are numerous.

The ripples and waves in the sand alter daily with your emotional state: as you rake new patterns; you can examine your thoughts and determine why these patterns you’re creating are meaningful. Running water provides a sense of serenity and calm, relieving anxiety and reducing your stress. Once you’ve chosen your rocks, the way you place them allows you a form of symbolic expression, and for those who visit your garden, they provide a subtle mystery to be considered.While some Zen Gardens rely on the rock gardening aspect alone, many introduce a controlled element of plant life to the environment.

Carefully pruned shrubs and trees, thoughtfully placed, provide ample opportunity for contemplation. Slowly growing and changing, they may appear antipodal to the apparent inertia of the other elements, until you consider the life to be found in constantly changing sands, the layers of meaning to be found in the stones and the playful dance in the ripples and reflections of the water. If you’re thinking about creating your own urban Zen Garden space, Floral Studio can help. We have many botanicals appropriate for placement in your garden, including the beautiful Creeping Juniper, Mugo Pine and hardy Dwarf Boxwood.

Our landscape design experts have decades of experience and can help you bring your ideas to fruition: from the first concepts through to installation and maintenance, we’re here to help you.

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