Reasons to Get Your Green Thumb On With An Urban Garden

Even when living in NYC, gardening is possible – still toting a range of health benefits and nature into your life!

Stress Relief

A 2011 Dutch study reported that 30 minutes of outdoor gardening led to lower stress levels and increased mood, even out-ranking quiet reading time.

Great for All Ages!

A long-term study found that daily gardening reduced dementia risk by 36% likely by its blend of strength, problem solving and sensory skills.Healthy EatingIt’s easy to grow your own vegetables in an NYC urban garden, letting you grow them naturally and organically! Nothing says summer like adding your own home-grown food to a meal, adding in extra vitamins and nutrients!

Reduces Depression

Anyone who spends some time around greenery and blooming plants knows they can’t help but feel more relaxed, but gardening is proven to help reduce the risk and severity of depression, especially when targeted towards food-producing and flowering plants. Seeing and enjoying the results of your labor is great for self-esteem, stimulation and satisfaction!

It’s Possible Anywhere

With urban gardening, you can grow in containers, develop a vertical garden or make other custom designs to integrate green into your living space!

Mild Aerobics

Even in a small patio or rooftop garden, you’ll be utilizing cardiovascular and strength-building exercises as you build, create and tend to your garden.Urban gardening is more accessible than ever; it’s easy to find florists that will help you to integrate a garden into your living space, whether you’re seeking something simple or a fully landscaped custom creation! Check out our NYV Urban Garden Gallery for inspiration and reach out to us to get started!

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