Creating Your Escape: Urban Gardens for Busy New Yorkers

New Yorkers thrive on the city’s high energy atmosphere. There’s something compelling about always being on the go. But it’s also nice to have a green space to retreat to for some quiet time. Urban gardens provide the ideal setting for relaxing with your favorite people, curling up with a good book, or just having some time to chill out and do nothing at all.Here are the essential elements of a relaxing urban garden – and don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. An urban garden designer can do any or all of this for you, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy:

Urban Garden Retreat Essential #1: Something Tall To Block the View

Privacy is key to relaxing by yourself. The nice thing about urban gardening is that there are so many fast-growing tall plants that can provide a screen like effect without the need to erect any kind of structure. Ornamental grasses and shrubbery are classic solutions. Trellis-supported roses, tomatoes, and even climbing melons are among today’s trendiest options for green fencing.

Urban Garden Retreat Essential #2: Something You Enjoy Looking At

This is the fun part! Working with your urban garden designer, it’s possible to create virtually any type of landscape you want. Craving a Zen-style space with an austere aesthic? Bamboo, Japanese maple, and strategically chosen landscape stones are for you. Want something more country casual and kid friendly? Rooftop gardens can combine real grass play areas with cheerful banks of daisies, brown eyed Susies and more.

Urban Garden Retreat Essential #3: Something To Sit On

Take a load off your feet, sit down and relax. Choose garden seating with functionality in mind: if you love reading outdoors, you want a chair or chaise lounge that will be comfortable while you enjoy a long novel. Worried about spilling your morning coffee or late night cocktail? Choose seating that’s waterproof and easily wipes clean. Love to nap? Have a hammock put in.

Ready to Start Working on Your Urban Garden Retreat?

You don’t need a lot of space to have an urban garden. Urban gardens can be designed for patios, balconies, and porches as well as on the building roof. Working with an urban garden designer is a good way to streamline the process, as they will know exactly what types of plants will grow best in your home’s unique growing environment. Before you meet with your garden designer, it’s a good idea to collect pictures of other gardens you admire: they can serve as a starting off point, inspiring your own unique urban garden design.

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