Easter Lilies for Your Home, Office, & House of Worship

Beautiful white Easter Lilies are a holiday essential for home, workplace and church décor. This year, Easter is being celebrated on Sunday, April 5th. Floral Studio is a full service NYC florist, which means we can do more than deliver fresh flower arrangements – we can actually install Easter Lilies and other festive fresh floral arrangements for your special event. Great for entertaining and worship services!

3 Amazing Things About Easter Lilies: Wow Your Friends With Your Floral Knowledge

Desperate to have something to discuss with the relatives you hardly ever see during the annual Easter dinner? Here are some mind-blowing facts about Easter Lily cultivation that can fill up those awkward silences: Over 95% of the US Easter Lily crop comes from 10 farms located on the West Coast, on the Oregon/California border. This region has the unique climate factors and rich soil lilies need to thrive.

Easter arrives on a different date every year, which makes timing the blooms to appear at the appropriate time a real challenge. Perfecting this timing is one of the biggest challenges for home growers, but the pros have a tough time too. Easter Lilies take 3 years to go from bulb to marketable bloom, so it’s essential to have the math exactly right.The name of the most common Easter Lily variety is Nellie White. It was developed by a lily farmer named James White, who christened the lovely lily with its prolific white, trumpet-shaped blooms for his wife. Order Your Easter Lilies Today. Now is the best time to order Easter Lilies from your NYC florist. We’re delivering gorgeous potted white lilies to all five boroughs of NYC, and can bring them to NYU, Bellevue or any hospital. Installation service available, as is same day delivery. Call for details now!

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