Love Is In Bloom This Valentine’s Day!

Is your love just blossoming? Has it been in full-bloom for a long time? Well, show your romantic side this Valentine’s Day by choosing the perfect gift to give your sweetie. Valentine’s Day is a time to express your affection and love for another person. It doesn’t have to be a day where you scramble for the heart shaped chocolate boxes and mushy cards, especially if you plan a bit before hand. Most psychologists say a Valentine’s Day gift should be something thoughtful, which projects a symbol of your love and affection.

It doesn’t have to be something grandiose or expensive; it should just show you are thoughtful and caring. Your Manhattan florist will deliver traditional red roses that always make hearts skip a beat, however, the experts can also provide a variety of unique bouquets and plants that symbolize the fun, deep ever-blooming love you have for her.

Flowers: One can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. According to a Rutgers University researcher, men and women who send flowers as gifts are viewed as successful, compassionate and emotionally intelligent people. Giving flowers proves that you take time to consider other’s feelings, especially when there is an array of arrangements for every personality, like Floral Studio provides.

While red roses are always a popular choice, don’t forget about all the other beautiful flowers. Peonies, tulips and orchids are all solid choices to send messages of love. A single stem or a simple bouquet can be given as one gift or in conjunction with chocolates or jewelry. Send your sweetheart a special delivery to the home or office by contacting your NYC Florist - Valentine’s Day deliveries are available and we will send the freshest bouquets. Gourmet Gift Baskets: For the foodie in your life, consider a gourmet basket of cheeses, wine and chocolates. Flowers make a nice accompaniment and can be placed on the table while you and your sweetheart nibble goodies and sip wine.

This makes for a perfect night in, enjoying each other’s company. Potted Plants: Want to commemorate your everlasting love? A potted plant and a love note can stick around for years. A simple orchid or dwarf boxwood for your outdoor garden is a sweet gesture remarking on your lasting love for one another. Jewelry: Flowers also go well with jewelry. A simple gold or silver necklace or earrings is a great supplement to a natural bouquet. Remember to keep it simple.

Whether you cook a nice meal together, have a photo of the two of you framed, dance in the kitchen, or write a love letter stuck inside a bouquet of freshly delivered flowers, remember it’s your thought that counts most.

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