How To Do Valentine's Day Exactly Right

While Oscar Wilde said that uncertainty is the essence of romance, let’s be real here: the guy wasn’t exactly an expert on dating the modern woman.  Today, the amorous gentleman would like a little bit more of a sure thing: he wants to know that his romantic gestures will be truly appreciated.In other words, what do women really want for Valentine’s Day?

The answer to that question really depends on the woman in question! You know your sweetheart.

Take her style and way of expressing herself into account when choosing your Valentine’s Day gifts and NYC fresh cut flowers. If she’s a Traditionalist, you can’t go wrong with red roses on Valentine’s Day. There’s a reason almost 200 million red roses are sold in February! Classic romance in a flower, the best red roses are fragrant, with an intense color, and long lasting.  Your NYC corporate florist can have red roses delivered to your sweetheart’s NYC office or apartment: she’s going to be thrilled. Roses come in lots of colors.

White and yellow roses have proven to be big hits with creative, freethinking types. Orange roses are great for the high-energy sweetheart who can light up the room with her smile. Pink roses have an astonishing number of fans – if you don’t know how your sweetheart feels about them, it never hurts to ask. And one of the strongest trends for the past few years are multi-colored roses, available in every shade imaginable and a few more.Roses work best when they’re combined with heart-felt emotion. Take the time to write your sweetheart a card that comes from your heart. Don’t worry if it doesn’t read like poetry: this isn’t a writing competition.  Be honest and sincere.

The card will be around long after the roses are a memory. Don’t insult your sweetheart by getting some sorry discount-grocery roses. Those roses are cheaper because they’re not high quality: they won’t last as long, and the scent and color are going to be inferior. Let her know you think she’s worth the very best with NYC fresh cut flowers.

We’re delivering top notch roses and NYC fresh cut flowers in every color throughout NYC for Valentine’s Day:
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