Have the Best NYC Poinsettias Delivered For Your Holiday!

Poinsettias are a holiday essential. The vibrant Christmas flowers come in a variety of colors. In addition to the traditional red poinsettia, you can get white poinsettias, salmon colored poinsettias and more. This range of poinsettia colors allows you to put your own personal touch on your home’s holiday look.Many people don’t know that poinsettias are also available in a range of sizes.

Mini-poinsettias are great individually for the smaller apartment, or grouped for a powerful impact as a decorative focal point.

Larger poinsettias make a great gift: you can have NYC fresh cut flowers delivered anywhere in NYC to let your loved one know you’re thinking of them during the holidays! Not All Poinsettias Are Created Equal As Christmas gets closer and closer, you’re going to see lots of people selling poinsettias in Manhattan – sometimes even in outdoor venues, where these fragile flowers are not protected from the weather. Not all poinsettias are created equal. Cheap poinsettias start to look pretty sad long before the holidays are over. You’ll see drooping or even dropped leaves – not exactly a festive look!Make the most of your holiday flowers by coming to Floral Studio for the very best NYC fresh cut flowers and poinsettias. We work very closely with our vendors to secure the highest quality poinsettias. We provide the poinsettias with the very best environment while they’re in our shop, and deliver them to you at the peak of their beauty and freshness. You’ll be able to enjoy the dramatic beauty and holiday joy of these NYC fresh cut flowers for many weeks.

Delivering Poinsettias to NYC Hospitals For the Holidays.

We deliver poinsettias and other holiday NYC fresh cut flower arrangements to all of the NYC hospitals. It’s no fun to be in the hospital over the holidays. Sending flowers is a great way to let your friend, loved one, or co-worker know you’re thinking of them! Same day delivery is available. Contact us today!

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