Symbolic Blooms and Meaningful Colors

While flowers always brighten someone’s day, they can also provide secret messages through the symbols they represent. Literature and folk tales have assigned symbolic meaning to plants that we still acknowledge today. Your Manhattan florist can deliver unique bouquets that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Bamboo: An important plant in China, bamboo represents longevity, strength, and grace. A strong plant, bamboo is resilient and doesn’t require a lot of care to survive. It’s a great addition to an office desktop, hospital room or any spot that needs a bit of color.

Baby’s Breath: The little white blossoms usually found wrapped around bold blooms represent innocence and purity of heart. Partner them next to red roses for a truly romantic statement.Carnations: Depending on the color, carnations generally signal thoughts of admiration.

Red, white and pink are associated with love while green is the secret symbol of the followers of Oscar Wilde, the famous novelist.Daffodil: Just like the spring that they arrive in, daffodils are iconic of new beginnings.

They are also considered a sign of chivalry and respect.Roses: While most people choose red roses to express love, there are a plethora of colors that represent many sentiments. Give yellow to represent friendship; pink to represent grace; coral or orange to mark desire and passion or mix red and yellow to represent joy, happiness, and excitement.

The colors in your arrangement that your Manhattan florist will deliver are equally symbolic. Choosing warm colors such as red, orange and yellow provide different messages than blues and greens.

Red: Fire and passion, red has long been associated with emotionally intense feelings.Orange: A more subdued red, orange is associated with the sun and warm weather, thus making us feel the same. It is associated with happiness and joy. It can also spark creativity and great for the office.Yellow: Also a bright color, yellow can create feelings of cheer and stimulate mental activity.

Green: Often green is associated with nature. Hues of green can symbolize growth and harmony. A darker green is often associated with money and can be thought to bring luck in finances. Perfect for a Wall Street office.

Blue: In nature, blue is associated with the sky and sea and also produces a calming effect. Blue is often associated with expertise and stability.White: While we often think of purity and innocence with white, it is also associated with safety, light and goodness. A flower can say a thousand words- so the next time you need to express what someone means to you, or inspire a state of mind, remember that color and bloom choice speak volumes.

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