Did You Forget Valentine's Day? Recovering from the Ultimate Romantic Blunder!

Your sweetheart may tell you that Valentine’s Day is no big deal. But as anyone who has forgotten Valentine’s Day can tell you, the annual celebration of romantic love is actually an exceptionally big deal for lots of people.  According to eHarmony, Valentine’s Day is as important to women as the Super Bowl is for men. So what happens if you’ve blown the big game?  Forgetting Valentine’s Day can feel like a third down and inches at goal situation.  All of a sudden, you’re the QB who not only dropped the ball – you can’t even find where it went on the field! It can be a career ender – but forgetting Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to end your romance.

How To Recover From the Ultimate Romantic Blunder ?

If you’ve missed Valentine’s Day, the first thing to do is own up and admit it. It’s not like your sweetheart doesn’t know the big day has come and gone. There’s no profit in acting like it’s all a big shock to you.This also isn’t the time for big, complicated explanations about why you missed Valentine’s Day. That conversation can come later, if it needs to happen at all. Now you want to keep your focus on letting your sweetheart know you truly do love and appreciate them.Out of all the NYC fresh cut flowers, you’ve got to have roses.

Roses are not only the traditional symbol of romantic love, but also they are the floral emblem of Valentine’s Day.

Having a dozen long-stemmed red roses delivered to your sweetheart’s office or apartment is a great first step in repairing the romantic rapport.  Same day delivery of NYC fresh cut flowers and roses is available throughout NYC: call your NYC corporate florist to find out more. Next, you need to put in some serious time with your sweetie. Clear your calendar and create an opportunity for the two of you to be together. This doesn’t have to be over the top elaborate or expensive – just a special time where the focus in on you and your relationship. Do something you both enjoy; whether that’s dancing at a favorite club, watching a play together, or even staying in and cuddling. Here’s the critical bit: keep the romance going. Let your sweetheart know on a regular basis that they’re special to you. When they feel appreciated on an everyday basis, one missed holiday isn’t as big a deal. As a bonus, if you make a point of being more romantic regularly, like surprising her with nyc fresh cut flowers, you’re far less likely to forget Valentine’s Day next year!

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