Wall Street Flowers: Beautiful Stress Relief

“Stressed out is the natural state of anyone working on the Exchange. If you’re not crazy, it’s not normal!”

– Overheard on Wall St.Given the recent market volatility and worldwide problematic headlines that impact nearly every sector of the economy, you might notice that some of your team members are more stressed out than usual. Stress management is essential to ensuring top performance from your employees. Best stress management practices include a mix of direct techniques – having your team take regular breaks to breathe, for example – and indirect techniques, such as altering the workplace atmosphere.

Having live plants and beautiful, fresh Wall Street flowers in the office has been proven to significantly lower stress levels. A Washington State University Research team found “When plants were added to this interior space, the participants were more productive (12% quicker reaction time on the computer task) and less stressed (systolic blood pressure readings lowered by one to four units). Immediately after completing the task, participants in the room with plants present reported feeling more attentive (an increase of 0.5 on a self-reported scale from one to five) than people in the room with no plants.

Beautiful Botanicals for the Wall Street Office Diffenbachia is the ideal plant for the Wall Street office. Vibrant foliage features many different shades of green with a distinctive profile that enhances the workspace without overwhelming.  Diffenbachia is a tough plant: it’ll thrive in low light conditions and will hang in there even if no one waters it for quite a while. Considered to be a good luck plant, Diffenbachia is said to dispel negative energy – great news for the Wall Street Office!

Wall Street Fresh Flower Arrangements Pink Sunshine is the ideal arrangement of Wall Street flowers, adding energy and optimism to the office with an eye-catching combination of hot pink South American roses and lime green orchids. Ten inches tall in a cobalt blue glass vase, Pink Sunshine can be delivered to your Wall Street office or throughout NYC. Same day service is available!What are you waiting for? Start relieving stress and boosting productivity in your office with Wall Street flowers today. Work with your Wall Street florist to create arrangements and choose botanicals that match your office décor and company culture.

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