The Advantages of Having a Botanical Garden

When we wander the local park or visit large botanical gardens, we find ourselves elated and soothed. Being surrounded by the majesty of all this green life is delightful to us - providing oxygen and shade as it tickles our other senses. Consider the cool smooth touch of a leaf and the smell of greenery in the sun. Consider the peace you feel in a shady grove. We often leave these spaces wishing we could feel like this all the time. By creating your own botanical garden, you can custom design a space to which you can escape and relax in your own home.

The Positive Effects of Plants

You create a healthy and positive atmosphere when you surround yourself with plants. Including plants in and around your home makes the environs less sterile, and adds a lush beauty and aesthetic. A simple planter overflowing with life can do wonders. We find plants calming, and studies have shown that having a green space will also lower your blood pressure. Enjoying your own garden filled with healthy green life can reduce your stress and improve concentration.

The Beauty of Botanicals

Imagine the beauty of having an oasis in your home, a place to escape from the rush and bustle of the city. Whether indoors, on the windowsills, or on the balcony or the rooftop- a private urban garden provides respite and calm. If you don’t have space for a garden, plentiful houseplants, like Alocasia or Diffenbachia, will create an organic peaceful flow throughout your home. Plants and flowers provide beauty, please the senses, and promote health. Floral Studio offers a variety of botanicals for your needs, and also offers an expert custom urban garden service. We want to help you create your perfect NYC green space!

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