Prepare Your Urban Gardens For Some Beauty Rest

At the Floral Studio, we believe your Urban Gardens are the perfect touch to any city home. We create custom design layouts that provide an escape from the hectic city lifestyle, because everyone deserves some relief from the stresses we run into everyday! We are also extremely dedicated to constructing a vision that fits your specific desire. No one style is the same, and we want to be sure that your urban garden will be a unique extension of yourself. Whether you live on the West Side or East Side, we can create something just for you.

Now when it comes to urban gardens, you may be wondering—what do I do when the winter rolls around? This time of year can get tricky with the cold winds, frost, and snow. But we want to pass on a couple tips we’ve learned from being in the business of horticulture that can help you prepare your garden for this winter.

These autumn months are the perfect time to groom your urban gardens so the plants that have the ability to survive the frost, will. Basically, you’re prepping the plants to take a nice long nap! The first step is to make sure you weed out the remains from annuals. Next, you should spread a thick layer of mulch, which acts as a guard against harsh winter weather. Another good tip is to install a burlap screen, which shields younger plants from damaging winds. Stick a few stakes in your garden and simply wrap the burlap around them. Lastly, it’s wise to consider some sort of protection from animals. For any more tips you might need, check out this website! It’s easy to be intimidated by the colder months when you have any kind of garden, including an urban one. But these tips are a great start if you want to protect your little buds. Think of the winter as a time for your plants to get all the rest they need for the spring. Now you can sit back, relax, and get ready for the best time of the year!

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