Flowers for a Positive New Year

Flowers have always been known to influence positive energy in a space. This new year start off on the right foot by filling your home with the right Flowers for a Positive New Year and get rid of negative energy to promote happiness. Here are some of our favorite flowers which we hope you grow to love well into 2017.Peace Lily

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is known to promote prosperity in health, spirituality and mentality. It’s ability to purify the air helps neutralize bad odor which helps get rid of bad energy. It still grows in shaded or dark areas in your home like an office. When placed in a bedroom, it creates a tranquil environment which helps induce sleep.Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Aside from being a popular way of decorating your home, bamboo has become a lucky plant to own. The plant is known to attract energy and that it integrates growth and water which offers purity and transparency. Lucky bamboo also brings a sense of comfort and calmness which keeps away envy.Rosemary


Rosemary has many medicinal properties that have been used for years. On a spiritual level, it brings happiness and true love to people. Aside from having it as a plant, it is also best to place a few sprigs of Rosemary around the house in cloth bags to attract the loyalty of those around you.Money Plant

Money Plant

The Money Plant, which is officially known as golden pothos, is known to bring good fortune. According to Feng shui, the plant produces positive energy that attracts good luck. If your house has a sharp corner, place this plant in that corner to help reduce anxiety, stress and negative thoughts. Golden Pothos will bring you health and prosperity into the new year.It is amazing how nature can have incredibly positive influences on us. Hopefully with a little help from these flowers and plants, we can reap all of the positivity 2017 will have to offer us!

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