Finding A Florist for Your NYC Wedding

A one-of-a-kind wedding deserves one-of-a-kind NYC fresh cut flowers. We believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than true love – but our fresh flower arrangements come pretty close! Individually designed and hand-crafted using blooms selected to be at the peak of their beauty for your NYC wedding.

If you’ve been shopping for NYC fresh cut flowers for your wedding, you may have already discovered that at some florists, everything looks the same.

All the arrangements resemble each other. That’s not what you’ll find at the Floral Studio. We work closely with couples to create their own distinct look for their special day.Bridal bouquets are a big deal. It’s part of the whole dream wedding, walking down the aisle with the big bouquet of beautiful flowers. We think of bridal bouquets as the ultimate accessory. When you choose Floral Studio for your NYC wedding flowers, you can rest assured that you’ll be carrying a piece of floral artwork down the aisle with you.

We’ve even had brides who have had their bouquets preserved so they could enjoy the beauty of our NYC fresh cut flowers for years to come.

The reception is also very important. When you have guests who have come from all over the city – maybe even all over the world – to celebrate your special day with you, you want them to be in a beautiful, welcoming environment. Unique floral centerpieces play a huge role in setting the tone. We will incorporate your color scheme, any special theme you’d like in your wedding, and your design style – from quirky and casual to the most traditional classic look – into your unique floral centerpieces and head table flowers.Want to learn more?

Schedule your consultation today. We’ll be happy to meet with you, discuss your big day, and help make sure that your wedding has the most beautiful NYC fresh cut flowers in the city!

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