A Season of Delights: Fresh Flower Arrangements Celebrating Spring

As New Yorkers, we spend a lot of time inside. It’s part of the hard-working, hard-playing culture we enjoy here: we’re either hard at work, enjoying a great club or restaurant, or, on those precious rare moments when we can, enjoying our homes.Having fresh flower arrangements delivered to the home or workplace can help us stay connected with the larger natural world, reminding us what’s going on in the fields and forests beyond the city’s borders.  That’s great for our emotional and mental health. Spring’s a particularly colorful time of year, and filling our spaces with the vibrant colors and invigorating scents of nature’s bounty can really lift one’s mood. Here’s what to look for:

The Power of Purple!

Hyacinths, lilacs and iris are the three power players in the purple family. Not only are these blossoms iconic representatives of spring, they look stunning in fresh flower arrangements created by our talented designers. If you’re thinking about color for your urban garden, it’s hard to pick a plant that’s as reliable and easy to grow as irises. They’re available in an amazing range of shapes and colors: talk to our specialist designer for full details.Make Time for Tulips: Tulips are familiar, but they’re anything but ordinary. We’ve got a great supplier of exotic Parrot Tulips from the Netherlands. Not only are these blossoms extremely colorful, they’ve very large. They make a great impact in a reception area, corporate offices, or even on your table at home. Yellow tulips are a springtime favorite, while red tulips are a neat way to say “I love you!” Everyday Can Be Romantic: Let your sweetheart know you’re thinking of them every minute of every day with a surprise springtime delivery of roses. Red roses are the romantic standard, but why limit yourself? Celebrate spring with a bouquet of buttery yellow roses, passionate pink, or charming multi-color variegated roses.  

Delivered to your darling’s home or workplace, a surprise bouquet can totally make their day. Same day service is available!
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