2021’s Surprising Game Changer: Boost Workplace Productivity with Fresh Flower Arrangements

Want more creative thinking, better collaboration and increased productivity from your team? Then you want fresh flowers in the workplace. That’s according to research from Texas A&M University, which articulates the many benefits of having ornamental plants around.The colors, textures, and even scent of fresh flower arrangements calm people down, lowering stress levels and boosting their ability to concentrate.

Additionally, the presence of fresh flowers has been proven to elevate the mood, and as any management consultant can tell you, happy people get more work done.

The simplest way to take advantage of fresh flower’s productivity boosting power is to arrange for automatic monthly deliveries of our high quality, beautifully designed NYC fresh flower arrangements directly to your workplace. It’s smart, simple and strategic. Each month, colorful NYC flower arrangements will be hand-built for your company. We can focus on your favorite colors and flowers, or surprise you with a look from our Boutique Collection – it’s your choice. All Wall Street flower arrangements feature blossoms individually picked to be at the peak of their beauty. Long lasting and lovely, fresh flower arrangements are a budget-friendly way to boost your team’s productivity and increase workplace morale.Fresh flower arrangements can be designed for reception areas, work places, and conference rooms.

Additionally, Floral Studio specializes in horticultural installations, corporate green spaces typically set up in lobbies or public areas. We design, install, and maintain interior and urban gardens for NYC’s most discerning corporate clientele. We can do it for you too: give us a call to get started.
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