Special Flowers for Special Events

From table linens, lighting, invitations and an appropriate space, planning a corporate event takes a lot of time and planning. Whether you are hosting a fundraiser, award ceremony or special meeting, the finishing details are what your guests will remember, so finish your event with flowers and not just on the table. Interspersing the décor with elaborate entrances to simple corsages will set your event apart from the rest.

The Entrance: Whether it is a stone archway or an amber lit glass door, the entrance to your event is what welcomes your guests. Set the tone for the evening with rose petals on the carpet entrance or an elaborate swag under an archway. Creating a grand entry will impress your guests and let them know they are about to have a delightful time.

Special Guests: Giving out a special award? Honoring an important person? Celebrating a distinctive cause? Providing a boutonniere or corsage will make your special guest shine and give them the recognition they’ve earned.

Stage: All eyes will avert to the stage where speakers will deliver their message. The stage is often the centerpiece of the evening so leaving it plain and unadorned isn’t an option. Tall arrangements on the corners or displaying columns of different sizes adorned with flowers atop will stay consistent with the evening’s design.

Tables: A table isn’t complete without an arrangement. When guests enter a room and all the tables are decorated with elegant bouquets, it creates a complete picture of beauty. Adding candles of different sizes creates a tranquil ambiance.

Corners and Crevices: Each space is unique, but most have interesting areas to place simple arrangements. Fireplace mantels, windowsills, balconies and stairs can all be enriched with a splash of color. Enhancing these spaces with flowers will also make a great backdrop for photographs.

Restrooms: The bathroom is often an overlooked place, but adding flowers in between sinks or in the powder room creates an element of luxury.

Parting gift: The gift bag is an essential way to give thanks to your guests. Adding a simple potted plant or a rose stem to bags adds a layer of elegance to your gift. Meetings come and go but attending a special event lasts forever in a person’s mind. You have taken the time to make sure every element is perfectly placed and flowers shouldn’t be different. Our professionals will take into consideration your design needs and theme to make sure your company is suitably represented.

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