Bring Spring Cheer to NYU, Bellevue and Other NYC Hospitals with a Fresh Flower Delivery

It’s never really fun to spend time in the hospital, but to be in there during this long-awaited spring is particularly rough. If you have a friend, relative, co-worker or colleague in NYU, Bellevue, or another NYC hospital right now, it’s a very kind and thoughtful gesture to send them some flowers.

Having fresh flowers in your hospital room does more than add beauty and color to the space.

Researchers have found that individuals who are healing in the presence of plants experience less stress and anxiety, have generally more optimistic outlooks, and even experience less pain than those who aren’t fortunate enough to have plants nearby.Here are some of our most popular fresh arrangements for hospital flower deliveries: Tulips In Glass

Cheerful and budget friendly, Tulips in Glass brings one of spring’s most iconic blooms directly into the institutional hospital environment.

We get all of our tulips from the Netherlands because that’s where the world’s best tulips are grown. The bi-colored yellow and red tulips pictured are one of our customers’ favorites because they always put a smile on the recipient’s face, but there’s a whole rainbow of color options available so you can customize your hospital flower delivery. Call us to discover the possibilities. Zen There’s only so much daytime TV you can watch while you’re in the hospital.

Having something beautiful to look at and study is a very calming way to pass the time.

Zen is a superior fresh flower arrangement for this application.  Thai Dendobrium Orchids have complex colors and form, as do the lushly crinkled Anthurium leaves that make up this arrangement. It’s ideal for contemplation; beautiful, stylish and just a little different. Same day flower delivery is available to NYC hospitals!

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