Continue to Enjoy Your NYC Terrace Garden Through Fall

As the cooler weather approaches, don’t desert your terrace, balcony or other outdoor green space. In fact, many plants and vegetables thrive in the cooler weather.  Spice up your NYC terrace garden by readying it with fall plants and vegetables. Even though the air is cooler, the soil stays warm.

With all the concrete in New York City, it tends to keep the heat in for longer, so it is perfect time to plant hot peppers, Swiss chard, spinach and purple basil. If planted now, these vegetables and herbs will produce all the way through November, just in time for Thanksgiving.

If you are just starting your fall garden, be certain that you purchase soil from your local garden store. When you purchase bagged soil, you can be certain it is clean and contains the correct nutrients that your plants will thrive in. Herbs do a great job growing in small containers and can be easily pulled into the homestead when the temperatures drop in winter. Some herbs may keep all through the winter if pulled indoors. Consider planting small seedlings or plants rather than starting from seed. The spring and summer are great times to plant seeds as they are consistently warm and the seasons lasts longer for germination. Purchasing small brussel sprouts, celery and parsley plants will ensure healthy growth during the cooler months.Root crops are also essential in your cooler weather terrace garden. Beets, turnips, carrots and winter squash are hearty and flourish in cooler soil and air.

Root vegetables have the added bonus of already living in the soil, so they are more protected than your leafy green herbs and vegetables.

In the event that we get a quick frost as the season progresses, all you need to do is put a covering over it, such as plastic or even a bucket. This will protect the frost from sitting on the leaves and killing the plant. Don’t forget your flowers and colorful flora. Mums, ornamental cabbage, purple coneflower and hydrangeas are just a few flowers that will continue to bloom in the fall. Adding these to your NYC terrace garden will brighten up your outdoor space as the summer flowers come to a close. Need help creating a fall plan for your NYC terrace garden, balcony or other green space? Give us a call! We’ll help select the right vegetables and botanicals to ensure that you can enjoy this outdoor space for months to come.

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