Corporate Flowers Mean Fewer Sick Days

Forward thinking in business may require going back to our earthy roots… quite literally!  Flowers and plants are proven to improve a work environment. We live in a competitive world, which means to make it big you must consider all key components of success. And who knew flowers could be an asset to your competitive edge?What once began as something pretty to look at has now become some serious science. Flowers can better people’s mood, the earth, and your business – we have proof!

The Research

Texas A&M did a recent research study linking flowers and plants and workplace productivity. Results showed that the simple change of adding flowers to the office can be important in the most meaningful way. Another study reveals that looking at flowers first thing in the morning makes for a happier and more energetic day. Washington State University found a 12% more productive and less stressful work environment with plants in the workplace.

Why Flowers?

It’s not just flowers that increase productivity; we all know they don’t develop leafy hands and start typing up reports. In the studies above, employees worked harder because of what the flowers brought out in them. Mood, health, and environment all play key roles in how employees perform daily. A positive work environment is only enhanced with indoor plants.  The reduction of carbon dioxide helps people breathe. A common technique to relieve anxiety is deep breathing.  Breathing lessens stress, which means employees get sick less and are able to get more done.

How To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Office

An office party: Professional and creative centerpieces at a work event can really loosen up vibes and promote conversation. Decorating an event also allows for your business to showcase its brand personality. A gift: Flowers aren’t just beautiful but have sentiment attached to them. When giving flowers as a gift, it shows that you care for an employee’s personal life, thus improving morale. Overall décor: Even if people overlook shapes, colors, tones, or crystal vases, they’re benefitting from the flowers by gaining a boost in energy, air quality, and mood. Also consider flowers as one of the main sources of your employee appreciation tactics to get the full effect of their benefits.Both men and women benefit from flowers in the workplace. More colorful, natural surroundings promote stress-free work habits. Enriching your professional setting is enriching you and your employees’ lives.

The Most Important Part

We all know that exercising and sufficient sleep are the best practices for wellness, which in turn increases productivity. But as a boss or manager, the level of control over your employees stops at the door. Don’t get discouraged! You can add in a little productivity booster with some flowers around the office. Just the simple exposure to flowers reduces anxiety and negativity, and might even improve memory.

So What’s Next?

Science has spoken! Flora in the workplace can be your office savior. If you’re busy life doesn’t allow for a trip to the florist, consider our delivery service for any NYC office. Check to make sure people in the office don’t have allergies, and then we can decorate away!

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