Designing Your Centerpiece for Your Big Day

One of the most important decorations for a wedding is the centerpiece at every table. It becomes the main focal point for all of your guests and creates the mood in your venue. Let Floral Studio create bloom-filled wedding centerpieces that all of your guests will desire.

Floral wedding centerpieces can be creative and provide a canvas for you to paint your expression.

There are many considerations to make when discussing your arrangement with your NYC florist. You’ll want to take advantage of a professional’s know-how, and that’s where we come in. From the very beginning of the design process we can help you choose in season flowers that match your color scheme, create the fullness and texture variety you are looking for, and resemble the love you are celebrating with your guests. Choose to stick to bright colored roses in a uniform design, a popular arrangement featured in our boutique collection sent to loved ones using our delivery service; or add elegance and organic flair with softer colors and a mix of texture like in our boutique arrangement featuring Hyacinths and white roses. Work a popular wedding flower like hydrangea into your centerpieces or try something exotic like orchids. In the end, the object is to create something beautiful that embodies your love. Most of your guests will be sitting at the table to eat dinner. Consider the eye level of your guests because most people want to look at friends across the table without flowers getting in the way. Mix tall and low centerpieces to create a full arrangement, adding height to fill the room without blocking eye contact between guests.Your table shape and size can also determine what type of arrangement to consider. Generally, square tables have more space in the center, allowing for fuller or broader arrangements. Round tables are easier to see guests and are great for tall, simple styles. A rectangular table is big, so multiple, small arrangements will look best on this type of table.

Centerpieces can encompass more than clear vases.

The material and style of the vase can add texture, color and style. A popular idea is to use mason jars for an outdoor or classic wedding. Silver bowls, wooden planters or ceramic orbs can infuse a unique feel. Texture can also be added by using wooden twigs, ribbons or crystals hanging from blooms. Placing interesting objects in vases such as seashells, sand or colored marbles can carry your theme to the table.If you are considering sending centerpieces home with guests, you may want to decide how you are going to choose who they go home with. Tape a raffle ticket or object to the bottom of one chair at each table and have the DJ ask people to see if they have the raffle ticket under their chair. The person who does will win the centerpiece. Another fun activity is to pass an object around the table and when the DJ stops the person holding the object wins.

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life- let us make it truly unique and special by creating only the best for your special day.
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