Why You Should Invest In an NYC Flower Delivery as an Office Gift for Her

Have a lovely gal working hard in the big city? Then a powerful woman deserves a powerful surprise. It’s a well-known fact Women love flowers, for any occasion or at any point of a relationship – always an appropriate gesture, and always cherished as special.

Show Her You Care and She’ll Receive the Message

Chivalry cannot be dead, or at least, we can’t believe it to be. She may turn rosy with embarrassment when the gift arrives, but she’ll secretly love it. Men don’t court women as often as you would guess; no longer a cliché, flower-giving is the exception to the modern day relationship rule.

Benefit the Whole Office with an NYC Flower Delivery

She and coworkers will benefit from the addition to the office’s décor. Flowers improve mood and enhance creativity when stationed in the usually-stressful work environment. We all need a spirit-lift to our Monday moodiness. The work stress she comes home with will be lessened, hence, everyone benefits.

Be Spontaneous

Sending an NYC flower delivery to her work is much better than to her home because she won’t expect it and it’ll brighten a seemingly mundane day. She’ll be reminded of you each time they catch her eye – not to mention give her something to brag about at the water cooler! Flowers’ aesthetic have lasted the test of time – an incomparable ode to your relationship joining her at her desk.

What To Get?

The NYC flower delivery to choose depends on her preferences and personality. Does she like color that pops? Lilies? Crystal vases? In Floral Studio's boutique collection, we have many appealing, preassembled arrangements for you to select from. Also, another great route to go is indoor botanicals, such as an orchid in a handmade container that is meant for a desk, which she can nurture. For special occasions try a gift basket or holiday themed plant.

And the Verdict is…

Penelope Trunk, an expert blogger from Wisconsin, importantly points out how flowers make the giver happy. So if you’re wondering if you should or shouldn’t send them, do it.F ind us on Pinterest for more arrangement ideas, and Facebook to follow the conversation.

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