Indoor & Outdoor Botanicals

Brighten your home, office, rooftop deck, or balcony with a botanical arrangement, handcrafted in Manhattan. We offer same-day flower delivery in NYC - add stylish botanicals to your indoor or outdoor decor today!

Urban garden creates tranquility and grounds you in ways that you may go day to day without realizing you’re missing. Beyond the scientific health benefits concerning the air you breathe, the positive charisma that flowers and plants generate is invaluable.

Of all the remedies for lack-of curb appeal, we at Floral Studio know the true value of plants and their universal ability to transform a space for at little cost. There is no corner of New York where the vitality of flowers and botanicals is out of place. The expert team at Floral Studio sinuously incorporates Mother Nature to your urban backdrop in a way that suits your needs perfectly and enhances your space in a big way. If you never considered having an Urban Garden, now is the time to.

Floral Studio NYC is the premier florist you can trust to create an oasis right outside of your door and exceed your expectations. Call today to get started on your Urban Garden, or send us a message!

If it’s your green thumb you’re worried about - rest assured - Floral Studio does more than the foundation work for your urban garden. If you have a garden that needs seasonal attention, or you are hesitating to begin building your dream cityscape, there is a sizable amount of work that will go into nurturing your garden into a lush, thriving rockery. Deeply passionate and well versed in horticulture, landscape architecture, and traditional architecture, we are prepared to not only design and create your dream urban garden, but also maintain it regularly to keep it fresh, healthy and enjoyable. Your urban garden is an investment that can be tailored to your budget and vision and will pay for itself in the moments of peace and happiness you enjoy, as well as its annual return.

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