Decorating Your Holiday Dinner Table

This year is your year to host a holiday dinner and you may or may not have any idea on what to use when Decorating Your Holiday Dinner Table. Thankfully we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you host in style. The possibilities are endless, but here are our top winter centerpieces that you can use for your table this year.

Christmas Decorations

Tiny Christmas Tree. Guests are expecting to see your Christmas in all its pride and glory, but they will not be expecting mini Christmas trees on your holiday table. You can add one mid-sized Christmas tree as the focal point of your table or you can evenly disperse tiny Christmas trees throughout the table. You can’t get more Christmas-y than with a tree! Add a fun spin on it and add miniature sized Christmas presents under your tree to tie the look up.

Ever Green

Ever-Greens. For a more subtle look, then you’ll love an ever-green centerpiece. Collect branches of evergreen and your favorite green Christmas ornaments and some moss and create a monochromatic winter centerpiece. This could make for a fun DIY project and you can show off to guests that you made your own centerpiece. It’s simple and chic but will tie perfectly into the rest of your Christmas décor.

Shine Bright Branches

Shine Bright Branches. Once again, for a subtle look with more height, than branches will make for a great winter centerpiece. Using a tall glass cylinder, you can fill it up with branches you find in your own backyard or even from the store. The best thing about branches is that they’ll last much longer than flowers. For a touch of glam, you can spray paint the branches gold or silver and wrap them with Christmas lights. Your centerpiece will sparkle and shine all throughout the night and keep your guests captivated.Hopefully with some of these ideas you’ve chosen the look you want to accomplish this year. Whether its rustic or chic or something with more glam, there is a look for everyone.

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