Hospital Delivery

There’s a reason that the custom of sending flowers to those in the hospital got going: it’s a moving and wonderful thing to receive flowers in such a foreign environment.Don’t get us wrong: We’re big fans of the professionals making NYC’s hospitals as high-quality, safe, dignified, and clean as they can possibly be. But if you’ve ever been in the hospital, even for something as joyous as the birth of a baby, then you know that it generally isn’t going to feel like home. It can’t!That’s where flowers come in. Part of it is their physical presence, symbolizing the affection and care of the person who sends them. Part of it is their beauty. Even well-appointed hospital rooms benefit – dramatically – from the addition of a beautiful bouquet or two!It has been our experience, having delivered literally thousands of bouquets of fresh cut flowers to NYC hospitals, that they usually make an even bigger difference to the one receiving them than the sender hoped. We all feel a little vulnerable in the hospital, maybe that’s part of it. Our hearts are opened, in the stress of the moment (even if laced with joy), to the kindness that the flowers truly represent.It is, simply, a wonderful business to be part of for us, and one of the reasons that we wanted to become florists in the first place. For us, it really is about making a difference.So, how do you get flowers delivered to an NYC hospital?

Either way, we’ll have your order on the way in no time. And, before you know it, the person on the other end of the delivery will be having the kind of moment that only someone receiving fresh flowers, when they really need them, can.Whether you choose Pink Sunshine, White Lilies, Splendor or Zen – or prefer to let one of us help you make the right choice – the comfort that you wish for your loved one will be on its way. Thanks for reading!

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