NYC Terrace Gardening: How To Get Started

Terrace gardens add a beautifully relaxing green space to your NYC home. They’re a lovely place to entertain or just get away from it all after a long day – imagine how wonderful it would be to enjoy your view with a glass of wine while surrounded by lush greenery and fragrant flowers. NYC Terrace gardens also offer the opportunity to grow yourself some special treats, such as tasty heirloom vegetables, hard to get herbs or fresh flowers to cut for your table. Terrace gardens are extremely versatile: there’s no limit to the possibilities!

Do You Have Bad Luck With Plants? You Can Still Have A Terrace Garden!

The thought of starting a NYC terrace garden can be intimidating – especially if you’ve never been able to keep a house plant alive or have never gardened before. But don’t despair! Gardening is a very forgiving art form, particularly when you have the guidance of an experienced urban garden designer. Working with a professional, especially at the beginning of your gardening adventure, is a smart way to ensure your terrace garden will look great. So much of creating a great urban garden is understanding the environmental conditions available to you, and selecting the plants that will thrive in those conditions.There are strategies to create micro-climates in urban gardens to allow for plants that require special conditions, such as a humid environment or protection from the wind. Your urban garden designer knows what those strategies are, and can help you implement them so your NYC terrace garden will thrive.

Hands On or Hands Off: It’s Your Choice!

Having a terrace garden doesn’t necessarily mean you have to become an urban gardener yourself! One of New York’s best kept secrets is that some of the city’s most amazing rooftop and terrace gardens are actually maintained by landscape professionals – all the homeowner has to do is enjoy their lovely green space!

The Best Time to Start Your Terrace Garden Is Now

After a long, cold winter, spring has at long last arrived! If you’re interested in having an NYC terrace garden installed, or you have a terrace garden in place that needs a little professional TLC, contact us. Our urban garden team is ready to help! Acting now means this summer is the summer you’ll be able to enjoy having a healthy, luxurious urban garden.

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