Welcome New Babies With a Floral Delivery To A New York City Hospital

Ten little fingers and ten little toes is a perfect gift to ring in the New Year. Having a baby is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but it’s even more special when that little bundle arrives during the holiday season.

Welcome a new baby with an exceptional delivery of New York City flowers direct from Floral Studio New York. Specializing in delivery to local New York Hospitals such as Bellevue and NYU, expert designers will certainly be able to arrange a bouquet that is special for family and the new baby. Hand picked and meticulously designed, each bouquet offers the freshest, brightest buds that can be offered.

Delivering your arrangement is simple. As long as you know the new mom’s last name, the hospital and possibly the room number, we will take care of delivering the bouquet in a timely manner. Many florists will offer the same little red truck bouquet for boys or the pink flowers for girls. While we offer classic and traditional arrangements, we also pride ourselves on the simple, modern and unique flowers as well. An elegantly colored orchid blooms or perhaps a small evergreen tree will brighten up the holiday season while spending some time in the hospital. Tuck in a plush teddy bear or yellow duck for the new baby to cuddle next to and keep during his/her toddler years.Don’t limit your ideas to flowers alone. An array of baskets are available for delivery as well. In addition to flowers, baskets including fruits, chocolates and other goodies can complement fresh flowers and are a nice addition to a floral arrangement. Fresh fruits, nuts and chocolates may be a refreshing, light treat after a few days in the hospital. Perhaps a topiary or azalea that can be brought home will commemorate the new child’s birthday for years to come.Welcome a whole new generation of little ones into the world with a beautiful, custom arrangement delivered right to the new mama’s hospital room.

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