Corporate Flowers Don’t Have To Be Boring!

For many businesses, having corporate flower arrangements delivered weekly is a regular part of keeping reception areas and offices looking nice. Fresh flower arrangements add color and cheer to the workspace, and studies have found that people experience less stress and enhanced creative thinking when they’re around flowers. Are you taking full advantage of fresh flowers’ ability to improve your workplace environment?

Corporate flower Arrangements don’t have to be boring.

Unfortunately, many times they are – generally when office managers, who already have way too much to do on their plate, call in and order ‘the usual’ fresh flower arrangements. This has the inevitable result of having all of your fresh flower arrangements looking very similar to each other, creating a sort of visual white noise. Because employees and visitors get used to what the flowers look like, after a while they stop truly seeing them at all.

Here’s how to bring excitement back to your workplace flowers.

Step one is find a flower designer you trust to do excellent work.Talk to them about your budget requirements, and then give them the freedom to design something fresh and new every time you have flowers delivered. Take advantage of the artistic inspiration these creative professionals deal with every day. They’re in the flower marketplace regularly, seeing the best colorful blossoms as they become available. Taking this approach means you can benefit from these serendipitous discoveries and have gorgeous, exotic flowers unexpectedly taking starring roles in your fresh flower arrangements.

Is this suggestion freaking you out?

It’s okay if you have control-freak tendencies. You can still introduce variety into your corporate flowers by varying your order slightly each week. For example, if your ‘usual’ order features primarily yellow and white flowers, try an arrangement that features oranges, pinks, or purples. You don’t have to know specific flower names to make this change – just tell your florist, “We’d like what we usually get, so can we get that same style but with pink flowers?”

Subtle changes can have a big impact!
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