Floral Trends We Love for Summer 2020

Whether showcasing a centerpiece for your wedding or simply adding cheer to your next corporate event, these floral arrangements show off your style by (in true NYC fashion) being on trend. Flowers can also be fashionably in for the season, and we’ll arranged them to be all your own.

See the flower trends we love:

Bold Colors and Rainbow Schemes

Particularly popular for weddings, bright purple and bold-colored blossoms spring life into romantic events. Hue-focused designs make paler dresses pop – especially the main white one. NYC wedding flowers are a matter we take very seriously.

Seasonal and Locally Sourced

This trend has been on the rise for the past handful of years, and rightfully so. Seasonal and locally sourced are always positive characteristics to support, aiding the community and promoting the freshest of product. For your floral needs in NYC, stay within the city – like with us! Team up with locals to get only the best.

Wild Foliage for Corporate Flowers

May sound contradicting, but a rustic feel is superbly freeing when done right. Natural elements like berries or leaves give a warm feeling to any event, not to mention evade the feeling of being cooped up in the office. We create centerpieces that stretch out like a long weekend, extending towards all parts of the room to create an open, enjoyable space.


Roses will forever be the trend of gift-giving and proclaiming love. Now that more varieties are emerging in the market, this traditional flower can be shown off in a variety of ways. There are now over 100 diversities to choose from, and the prices tend to stay the same.If you want to stay on top of trends follow us on Facebook. Also, for your next event, consider your favorite NYC florist to make your chic soiree a floral dream!

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